I'm feeling great!
I’m shining and active
for my dream!!

Do you want
to shine?

With the love of women,
the future of the earth will shine to the maximum!

Have you received enough love from your mother?
Moms raise their children with love and affection without expecting any reward.
However, ... mothers are also human beings.
They sometimes make mistakes and their love is not well transmitted to or felt by the children.
But the reason we are living here is because our mother loved us, don’t you think so?
Children carry the burden of / are responsible for the future of the earth,
and it is women who nurture them. With more women shining, the future of the earth will shine.

Therefore, I would like to increase the number of women who are conscious
about the fact that “the ties among people is and should be based on love".
In order to give, first of all we should be happy and shine through what we are doing.

Do you want to feel completely happy on what you do, while being successful at
your business? Even though you have a good idea, sometimes you are afraid to take a step.
If you take the first step and feel happy, it will make the future of the earth to shine and to be happy.

We are hoping that women gathering at Rainbow Earth will connect each other,
then children of the future and the earth of the future will also shine.


Rainbow Earth is a community that supports women's success.

By connecting each other under Rainbow Earth, your dream will come true.
We help the women to find their economic independence by connecting RE members and
by the advices and supports by professionals in various fields. When women are smiling,
children will smile. Let’s leave the bright Earth in the future using women’s power!
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Why Rainbow Earth is created?
What’s our vision and the idea of starting up.
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We will introduce: -the structure of Rainbow Earth
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Let's make your dreams come true
while getting inspiration from
a group of people with
the same ambitions and feelings.

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